Tiger safari in Kanha

Zones in Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is one of the most visited forest reserves in India. Tourists from all across the globe visit Kanha to spot the majestic tiger and other wildlife, relax and unwind in the peaceful lap of nature and engage is some magical wildlife photography. Kanha offers some of the best photographic opportunities.  

Most tourists visiting Kanha go for jungle safaris. The forests are divided into two major zones:

Core Zone and Buffer Zone.

Core zone is the central part of the tiger reserve and it shares its boundary with the buffer zone.

Core zone is basically an important area where the conservation of wildlife and natural resources is strictly protected by the forest department. 

Buffer Zone is the area that surrounds or adjoins the core areas where nature is conserved alongside compatible human uses of the land or water. 

The Core Zones of Kanha are: Kanha, Sarahi, Mukki and Kisli

The Buffer Zones of Kanha are: Khatia, Sijhora, Phen and Khapa

The Core zones:

Kanha zone has open meadows with grasslands and bamboo vegetation that offer some unique sightings. The Schaller road, on Kanha zone is dedicated to George Schaller a researcher and conservationist. He wrote a book, “The Tiger and the Deer” based on Kanha. 

A tourist attraction is Shravan Taal, legendarily known for a place where King Dashrath killed Shravan Kumar mistaking him for a deer. 

The Kanha museum is inside the Kanha zone and it preserves the local culture, and also showcases the history of the park. 

Sarahi Zone has dry deciduous forests and with larger meadows. One of them is the Saunf meadow where the Barasingha was first spotted in 1966. 

Sarahi is accessed through a common road via Kisli zone and one encounters the towering Saal forests on the way.

Mukki Zone reports good sightings. The landscape includes saal, bamboo and grasslands. 

Kisli zone also has the elegant saal forests and scenic grasslands with bamboo vegetation. 

Kahna National Park Map

In Kanha the four major safari zones are declared as the core zones. Kanha buffer zones are accessible from different entrance gates. 

Currently there are three entrance gates to access the national park:

Khatia gate, Mukki gate and Sarahi gate. 

The four core zones which are accessible from different entry gates. All these core zones are very popular among tourists. 

Core Zones Entrance Gates 
(Full Safari)
Entrance Gate 
(Single Seat Safari)
Kanha Zone
Khatia / Mukki / Sarhi Gate
Khatia Gate
Mukki Zone Khatia / Mukki Gate Mukki Gate
Kisli Zone Khatia / Mukki / Sarhi Gate Khatia Gate
Sarhi ZoneKhatia / Sarhi Gate Sarhi Gate

The buffer zones can also be accessed as follows:

Kanha buffer zones are accessible from different entrance gates. At present three safari entrance gates are existing i.e. Khatia gate, Mukki gate and Sarhi gate.

Safari Zone Entrance Gate for Safari Zone
Khatia Zone From Khatia Entrance Gate
Khapa Zone From Mukki Entrance Gate
Phen Zone Separate gate, ideal for Mukki gate resorts
Sijora Zone From Sarhi Entrance Gate

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