PRONAT - Professional Naturalist Training Program

India’s first-of-its-kind

Professional Naturalist Training Program

Professional Naturalist Training (PRONAT)
August 21 to September 11, 2024

PRONAT, India’s first-of-its-kind Professional Naturalist Training Program is conducted at Denwa Backwater Escape in Satpura National Park. Pugdundee Safaris in association with Wildlife Forestry Services (WFS) has been offering the program since 2018 & more than 140 students have graduated. This twenty-one night's program conducted by experts in the field of wildlife & conservation, focuses to elevate passionate wildlife enthusiasts into professional naturalist. There is an additional 3 nights’ extension available for guiding techniques. With the completion of this program the participants will be equipped to be inducted as trainee or lodge naturalists in wildlife based tourism sector, start leading nature based tours, or simply learn how to appreciate nature from a wider lens.

Wildlife Course in India
Pugdundee Wildlife Course for Professionals

The program offers

  • Guided course delivery from subject experts.
  • Thorough classroom sessions & practical sessions in wilderness.
  • First hand exposure into the actual life of a naturalist.
  • Excellent opportunity of peer learning through engagement.
  • Certificate of accomplishment.

Who should join

  • Students keen on expanding scientific knowledge about forests, flora and fauna.
  • Looking to boost career as a professional guide, naturalist or conservationist.
  • Wildlife journalist, nature enthusiast & people associated with nature based travel industry.

Opening New Doors

Professional Naturalist Training program is essential for those wanting to pursue a wildlife & conservation orientated career. It helps upgrade the life skills & discipline needed for nature reserve jobs, or a future as a professional field guide, or a wildlife tour leader. For those with experience in wildlife education & tourism, or with qualification in hospitality, or environmental sciences, PRONAT helps set the stage & shape the skills professionally required in the wildlife tourism industry.

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The Wilderness Experience with PRONAT

Explorers & enthusiasts, who wish to learn more about Indian wildlife, or kick-start their career as nature guides & lodge naturalists, are welcome to apply. The enriching experience of peer Iearning & professional guidance, while living in a remote boot camp is a life altering experience. For those who are looking to ditch the routine city life for wilderness, PRONAT will provide quintessential techniques for inculcating new hobbies like species identification, interpreting tracks & signs, or learning first-aid in the forests.

  • Life in the camp will be an adventure for the ones who are passionate about nature & can minimally appreciate the Iack of internet, as much as the presence of it.
  • The candidates should be willing to learn from the experts, & the experiences of their peers (forest life is about teamwork & upgrading life skills).
  • Experts will deliver lectures in English. An understanding & speaking fluency in the English language is a must.
  • Candidates joining PRONAT, who wish to take up guiding as a profession must obtain a valid LMV driving license prior to the commencement of the course. This is mandatory for candidates taking the extension for guiding techniques.
  • We do not cover snake handling, & therefore do not encourage the participants to handle any form of wildlife even after undertaking the course.
  • At the end of a course, candidates will be required to take a practical and theoretical examination. The qualifying candidates will be rewarded with a completion certificate.

What will you learn?

As a stepping-stone into the world of natural systems, diversity in subjects has been at the core of the course design. Candidates will be provided introduction to the following subjects:

Modules covered

  • Module 1- Birds
  • Module 2- Butterflies
  • Module 3- Reptiles
  • Module 4- Amphibians
  • Module 5- Mammals
  • Module 6- Trees
  • Module 7- Tracks & Signs
  • Module 8- First-Aid
  • Module 9- Conservation
  • Module 10- Understanding guest & their expectation - Only in ext
  • Module 11- Techniques of Guiding & the guiding sequence - Only in ext
  • Module 12- Visual Aids, Behavioural Aspects, Do’s & Don’ts & Misc. - Only in ext


Adults (13+)
Children (6-12)
Infant (0-5)