YNAT- Young Naturalist Training Program

Building a foundation for a lifelong appreciation

Young Naturalist Training Course

Young Naturalist Training Course (YNAT)

YNAT is an initiative of Learn with Pugdundee to introduce children to nature and build a foundation for further learning and life-long appreciation. This program is offered complimentary* to children between 9 – 16 years and is conducted year around while the parents are on a wildlife holiday with us. This is currently available at Bandhavgarh, Satpura, Pench, Kanha and Tadoba.

*How to avail YNAT

  1. Parents & the participating child have to book a minimum 4-night wildlife holiday with us at one of our lodges offering YNAT.
  2. Minimum 4 safaris/experiences to be booked with naturalists during this period.
  3. The child can choose 4 of the modules from the below and there will be 4 private workshops with the naturalist on the same. Each workshop will include a classroom session and a field session.

Why join YNAT?

Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives. Instilling love for nature and outdoors among children takes a back seat these days due to our busy lifestyle and routine in the urban setting. The Young Naturalist program by Pugdundee Safaris aims to give children an overview of the natural world, enhancing their knowledge on wildlife through simple communication tools and story-telling methods. This interactive program is led by subject specialists with tools such as presentations, field visits, games and quizzes. Young Naturalist Course is a wonderful platform for children to establish a bond with nature, at a young age. This program builds their understanding about flora & fauna, while proving to be a catalyst for lifelong learnings and appreciation for nature. Children attending the course return to their urban life and start seeing the natural world through a whole new lens. The scales start tipping towards a life-long passion and appreciation for nature. And we all know that children exposed to the nature grow up to love and look after it.

Wildlife Courses for kids in India

Modules to choose from

  1. Introduction to Mammals
  2. Introduction to Birds
  3. Introduction to Plants
  4. Introduction to Reptiles
  5. Introduction to Insects
  6. Introduction to Amphibians

What to carry

  • Earthy coIoured outdoor cIothing
  • Outdoor footwear for waIking
  • Guide books (mammaIs, birds & reptiIes,)
  • Camera
  • BinocuIars and Torch
  • Rain gear (ponchos/parasoIs)
Wildlife Course for kids

The program is not just limited to theory sessions on flora and fauna, but also involves the activities like nature trails, cycling trails, jeep safaris and presentations covering the following aspects:

  • Basics about Mammals, Birds & Reptiles.
  • Basics of outdoor photography using point & shoot and DSLR cameras.
  • Using binocular & camera traps.
  • Outdoor survival skills.
  • Wildlife around us in the cities.
  • Myths about wildlife around us.
  • How can we contribute in the cities.


Adults (13+)
Children (6-12)
Infant (0-5)