Tiger safari in Bandhavgarh

The King Dethroned!

This is the latest image of the famed tiger of Bandhavgarh- Bamera! Those who have seen him in his glory days can never forget his sight. Once the king of the jungles of Bandhavgarh, now he is an old tiger kicked out by his successor, his own son Banvehi male.


Right from Panpatha to Tala zone was his territory. Now he is seen in a little corner of his former kingdom. He is a legend, undoubtedly! His journey began when he fought with his own father B2, another very famous tiger from Bandhavgarh National Park. He took over B2’s territory. He then became the dominant male of the area and continued to rule for years.


Two days ago naturalist Prayatna spotted Bamera near Ghodadaman where he was being chased out by gaurs. Prayatna also said that he looked thinner and looks like that he has lost a bit of weight. Now very rarely seen, this tiger mostly hides away from the new males that are coming up in Tala zone. He is living at the edge of the forest very close to some of the villages in the buffer zone rarely being noticed.


They say history repeats itself!!


Photo courtesy: Aman S. Sohi, Naturalist at Kings Lodge – A luxury jungle lodge at Bandhavgarh

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