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New bird seen in Panna

A new bird has been spotted and clicked in Panna National Park, M.P by our senior naturalist and bird expert Shukra. Gray Winged Black Bird was seen at Ken River Lodge, a luxury jungle resort at Panna for the first time. One of Pugdundee Safaris’ treasured nature experts, Shukra spotted the bird in the very property near a stream. He also could take a record shot of the new bird.

Grey Winged Black Bird

He explained that the bird had never been seen in the area before; neither is it a resident, of course. Its usual habitat is mid-Himalayas. Shukra explained, it has been snowing more than usual in the Himalayas and perhaps the climate is not suitable now for the bird. The bird prefers damp and dark areas. Since it has been raining in central India a lot currently, the bird might have migrated down in these areas.

The bird was seen in the property continuously for 4-5 days, after that it hasn’t shown up yet. But hey, we have a new entry in our bird list of Panna!!

Photo courtesy: Shukra Kumal

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