Pench national Park


Pench National Park is a wild playground harboring country’s maximum density of prey animals, chased by an estimated 65 Tigers. The park is well administered and extensively mentioned in the Indian history for its vivid fauna and flora. The landscapes of scrublands, deciduous forest of Teaks and many lakes, streams and Pench River can be instantly associated with the incidents and wild mentions of the animal life in the jungle book of Sir Rudyard Kipling. The established corridor between Pench and Kanha National park, adds to the glory of both the parks with many animals frequently traversing between the park boundaries. Pench is a protected area in the southern extensions to the hills of Satpura, Central India and park was established in 1975, subsequently declared a tiger reserve, Kanha-Pench Tiger Conservation unit under Project tiger in 1992.



758 Sq. Km

Forest Type

Dry Decidious Forest with prominent Teak Vegetation

Mammal Focus

Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dogs, Neelgai, Chinkara, Gaur

Star Birds

Black Crested Bunting, Bended Stork, White Eyed Buzzard, Comb Duck