Naturalist courses in India

Naturalist Training Program

Naturalist Training Program Deeper into the Woods It’s not just you preparing to witness the wilderness in the forests of Bandhavgarh as the park opens on 16th October. Pugdundee Safari’s naturalists, experienced and amateurs went through an intensive knowledge enhancing ‘Naturalist Training Program’. It’s our small step to make your Safari and stay withPugdundee count… Read More Naturalist Training Program

Tiger safari in Satpura

Leopards in courtship rituals spotted at Satpura

Leopards in courtship rituals spotted at Satpura One of the most elusive creatures is leopard. Making their existence highly imperceptible, these big cats are living in and alongside the forests, protected areas, villages and also suburbs of big cities like Mumbai and Chennai.* They have leaned to coexist with humans as quite a population is… Read More Leopards in courtship rituals spotted at Satpura

Tiger safari in Bandhavgarh

He is back!

He is back.. but wounded! The famous tiger of Bandhavgarh National Park with blue tinge in his eyes fondly referred to as Blue Eyes has been seen in Magdhi. The tiger was reported missing since the beginning of the season this year (Oct, 2013). A very powerful dominant male throughout his reign, he had captured… Read More He is back!