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First week Revelations from Kanha National Park

First week Revelations from Kanha National Park

It was informed by the Madhya Pradesh tourism that the National park in the state will reopen from 1st October 2015. Both morning and evening jeep drives are allowed to be conducted from 1st October onwards. The opening and closing dates of the park has been proponed by 15 days this time. The parks will remain open for tourists till 15th June instead of 30th June. However the timings for safari remain unchanged for both summer and winter season.

All these years the Wildlife lovers have been marking 16th October as the date when the parks once again open for the fresh look of the season. The three months from the onset of monsoon, might be acutely disappointing for us as all national parks are closed but it is indeed the best time of the year for all animals. The jungle is blessed with plentiful food and running streams, it’s the time to raise the young and prepare them for the season to come. This gap of three months leaves everybody intrigued in anticipation of what is happening in the mysterious life of the tigers. Kanha is also famous for its landscape views and is one of the most picturesque parks of the country. Pugdundee Safaris is successfully conducting jeep drives in Kanha National park for our guests at Kanha Earth lodge and though the Tigers went amiss during the first drive with guests, naturalists from the lodge have confirmed that Munna (the popular tiger of Kanha) is still holding its empire. On the very first day of jeep safari in the Kisli Zone of Kanha, we got a rare sighting of the mating behavior of Wild Dog (Indian Dhole). However, the pack together raises the young ones. The next morning the pair was again sighted in an easy stride at the entry gate of Kanha zone itself. Indian Wild Dog, Dholes are much different than its African cousin in appearance. However, the behavior and hunting strategy remains same beyond continents.


A solitary Gaur bull and the Barasinga and several deer from the long stretch of marshlands of Kanha also remained the highlight. It’s a pleasantry to watch them cascading through the thick and thin of the jungle.

Wild Dog Pair

Munna was sighted with the kill of a porcupine on (30th June) before the monsoon and many were being emotionally optimistic about seeing him this season. Living by his line ‘Munna Never disappoints’ news is that Munna has successfully warded off challenging males from his territory and will definitely please its audience with appearance in and from the pathways of kisli. He is the most pictured and the most beloved Tiger of Kanha National Park.

There is more to unfold on Kanha and its Tigers, it is a season to watch out the journey and fortune of the cubs from Mahavir, Digdola, Neelam, Dhwajhandi and Baba Thenga female. Tigress with cubs and wickedly ruling males- Bheema of Mukki, Link 7 and Red Eye are expected to bring another year of Tiger Stories from Kanha. It will take a week’s time to figure out who were blessed and which territories were washed out this monsoon.

Courtesy : Vineeta Yadav

Photo Courtesy : Harpreet Dhillion, Nahes Gurung


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