Pugdundee is a hindi word meaning a foot trail commonly used by humans and animals, this word is popularly used for such beaten paths in the Indian jungles.

Driven by the love of Indian jungles it made an unplanned humble beginning in 1986, with a small tented camp at Panna - Ken River Lodge. Between 2007 -2010 two more lodges were setup and it was not until the year 2010 that they all were put together under a common umbrella.

Today Pugdundee Safaris is run by a passionate team of wildlifers and hospitality professionals with a team of over 300 people committed in providing an incredible wildlife experience. The team includes naturalists, nature Guides, mahouts, boat men, trackers and a marketing team based in Delhi.

Besides its mainstay of running wildlife lodges, Pugdundee Safaris has been keenly engaged in conservation and community development activities which is now looked after by Pugdundee Conservation Cell founded in 2010. At Pugdundee we believe local people hold the future of the forests in their hands and can either help protect or destroy them. If we wish to conserve our forests, we must look after the needs of local people by helping to improve their ability to earn livelihoods, which in turn will help to enhance their standards of living. Addressing their needs is the key to ensuring the future of our natural habitats.

Our lodges set mostly in remote locations away from regular tourism hubs help ensure that the benefit of eco tourism is distributed far and beyond.

We continuously strive to deliver the best possible guest experience, while still integrating the conservation of jungles and the people living around. We are inspired by the hope of reaching people in remotest areas of our country as they are the front runners of wildlife conservation. Though a drop in the ocean we believe we are making a significant contribution to wildlife conservation and the rural economy wherever our lodges are.