Poetry on wildlife

The Little Joys of Jungle

The Little Joys of Jungle

The Little Joys of Jungle

Set your spirit free and let your heart wander into the fathomless wild,

Like a nomadic butterfly feel every flower and become that innocent child.

When you put your feet into the jungle let them follow the forest’s trail,

Like a roving sailor come what may, you let your heart sail!

Talk to the whispering winds and listen to the mumbling rivers,

Like the vagabond breeze dance with the leaves till the time they quiver.

Paint with your eyes the vibrant colours of nature and sky,

Like the travelling birds free your heart and let it have a joyful cry.

Love, Explore and Respect the enigmatic heart of the wild,

The little joys of jungle are the gifts to nature’s child.

Let these little gifts do wonders to our hearts,

With immense love for nature the New Year starts!


Courtesy : Malvika Verma

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