Pench National Park

Pench National Park

Visit the land of Mowgli

pench tiger reserve

Pench spreads over an area of 1200 sq. km., Pench is where the literary genius

Pench National Park inspired the literary genius, Sir Rudyard Kipling to pen down his famous work, The Jungle Book and its wolf child, which was later immortalized as Mowgli. This masterpiece inspired by the true incident of a human child, reared by wolves in the nineteenth century, in the Seonee (now Seoni) district, is located in the charming, lush land of Pench, in Madhya Pradesh.


Pench National Park spreads over an area of 1200 sq. km. and straddles two states - Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The hydroelectric Totladoh Dam constructed on the Pench river from 1973 to 1988, became the first interstate project between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and resulted in the submergence of about 72 sq. Km of an area, out of which 54 sq km is in Pench National Park M.P. & the rest lies towards Maharashtra. The Core zone of Pench National Park has three gates: Turia gate, Karmajheri gate, and Jamtara gate. The core area of Maharashtra is around 257 sq km and officially became Tiger Reserve in 1999. The Maharashtra side of Pench also has a few gates, with Sillari and Khursapar being well-known to tourists. Other Gates are Saleghat, Kolitmara, Chorbahuli and Surewani. Pench Tiger Reserve comprises “Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park, Pench Mowgli Sanctuary, and the buffer forest.

As you traverse through the forest enwrapped in towering teak, Mahua, and dense bamboo forests, the settings of The Jungle Book unfold, to make today’s reality meet with the world of yesteryear’s fantasy. In his classic, the wildlife of Seoni Jungle, present-day Pench, miraculously turned into the characters of his imagination. The numerous streams and rivulets of the forest served as the muse for the setting of The Jungle Book. What is surprising is that Kipling never visited the jungle of Seoni, present-day Pench, or Kanha in his lifetime. However, the author was known to be in contact with British officers from the region, who became his eyes to know the place and come up with its immaculate description in his masterpiece.

Pench Tiger Reserve is a protected area in the southern extensions to the hills of Satpura, Central India, and was established in 1975, and subsequently declared a tiger reserve under Project tiger in 1992. There are three gates for the core to access Pench National Park from Madhya Pradesh - Turia Gate, Karmajhiri Gate, and Jamatra Gate. The buffer zones include Teliya Buffer, Khawasa, Buffer, Kumbhpani - Tekadi Buffer, and Rukad Buffer.

Pench National Park is indeed a land of delightful splendour. Myriad flora and fauna inhabit these stunning jungles. Tigers, Indian leopards, Sloth bears, several varieties of spotted deer, nilgais, sambhar, chinkara, etc, wild dogs, gaurs, and not to forget Kipling’s adoptive family for Mowgli – the wolves. Pench is an idyllic land for bird watching, boasting of over 210 species of birds, including migratory birds.

Highlights of Pench National Park



The size spread over a sprawling 758 Square Kilometer

Forest Type

Dry Decidious Forest with prominent Teak Vegetation

Mammal Focus

Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dogs, Neelgai, Chinkara, Gaur


Crested Bunting, Painted Stork, White naped woodpecker, Jungle Owlet, River Terns, Grey Headed Fish Eagle

Exclusive activities in Pench National Park

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Runi Jhuni Walking Trail

Runi Jhuni Walking Trail

Experiencing nature on foot is an extraordinary encounter altogether. Runi Jhuni walking trail inside the Pench National Park, from Karmajhiri gate, is a 3-4 km nature trail that gives the guests a perfect opportunity to experience nature and wildlife from close quarters. Accompanied by experienced naturalists, this walking trail ensures an intimate understanding of nature.

Runi Jhuni Walking Trail

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Rukhad Cycling Excursion

Rukhad Cycling Excursion

Being a part of the famous Kanha-Pench Tiger Corridor, Rukhad, though not a national park, still supports magnificent teak and bamboo forests and a good population of gaurs, tigers, leopards, bears, and herbivores. Rukhad sanctuary is a forty-five-minute, post breakfast drive from Pench tree lodge. The cycling expedition starts at around 8 A.M. and covers a distance of 22 km finishing at Sakata Forest Rest House.

Rukhad Cycling Excursion

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Night Safari in Pench

Night Safari in Pench

Night safari is offered on Karmajhiri and Turia gate of Pench National Park in buffer zones. It offers you to explore the nightlife of animals and their behaviour. Some animals are nocturnal and they are active after dark eg. Owls, Civets, Hares, Porcupines and if very lucky one can encounter Tigers, Leopard and Sloth Bear. The Kumpani Tikari Buffer Zone Night Safari road is of a total of 30kms, which goes through hillock and then passes between Core and Buffer zone finally taking you to near Pench River.

Night Safari in Pench


Snuggled in forty acres of wilderness, in a small tribal hamlet of Sarahiri the accommodations are embellished with unique safari-style furniture and exquisite local crafts. We keep our carbon footprint to the bare minimum, offering the discerning traveller an intimate experience with fourteen elegant tree houses and cottages. Pench Tree Lodge is the refuge of the au courant, adventurous, and eco-sensitive ‘Mowgli’. Breaking away from the monotony of repeated safari lodgings, the treehouses have been designed with an eclectic mix of vintage and natural aesthetics..

The well-appointed cottages are your luxurious abode in the jungle with large French windows allowing an uninterrupted view of the deciduous forest and grassland. Sitting in their private balconies one can observe a multitude of birds, butterflies, and wild animals including wild boars, civets, jungle cats, jackals, and spotted deer. This is the first lodge to be set up in this underdeveloped zone of Pench National Park and supports our conservation policy of not overcrowding areas and making them unsustainable with over-exposure to tourism.

Luxury stay in Pench National Park

How to reach Pench National Park

By Air

Jabalpur (190 kms) and Nagpur (150 kms) are the best-suited airports for Pench National Park. There are many daily flights by national airlines and it’s a 4 hour drive from Jabalpur and 3 hour from Nagpur. Taxis can be booked from the hotel you are staying in or from tour operators. There are not many options for taxi booking on arrival.

By Train

Nagpur and Jabalpur are the nearest railway stations for Pench. Nagpur is 150 kms / 3 hrs and Jabalpur is 190 kms / 4 hrs from Pench. There are several trains to these stations from different cities of India making it an excellent option of travel.

FAQs for Pench National Park

  • What is Pench National Park famous for?

    Pench National Park is a wild playground harboring the country's maximum density of prey animals, chased by estimated 65 Tigers. In 1983, it was declared a National Park and in 1992, a tiger reserve. Pench National Park is indeed a land of delightful splendour. Myriad flora and fauna inhabit these stunning jungles. Tigers, Indian leopards, sloth bears, several varieties of deer, antelopes, wild dogs, gaurs and not to forget Kipling's adoptive family for Mowgli - the wolves. Pench is an idyllic land for bird watching, boasting over 210 species of birds.

  • Pench National Park is wonderful to visit throughout the year. October to March offers the best weather with sunny days, cold nights, and very few days of rain. April to June gets hot but is excellent for sightings in the park. The core zone is closed from July to Sept but the buffer zone is open all year round.

  • Besides jeep safari in Pench National Park, one can explore Rukhad Buffer by cycle and also opt for camping out in the buffer zones. There are good options for a nature walk in and around the national park. Pench Tree Lodge also offers a luxury wildlife photography hide.

  • The nearest airport is Nagpur, which is approximately at a distance of 130kms, and an alternative is to reach via Jabalpur airport, which is approximately 210kms from Pench. Nagpur is an international airport and has more flight connectivity than Jabalpur.

  • Pench Tiger Reserve is spread across 1,180sq km, including a buffer zone of 768sq km. There are three gates for the core- Turia Gate, Karmajhiri Gate, and Jamatra Gate and they all offer access to the same part of the park. Buffer zones include Teliya Buffer, Khawasa, Buffer, Kumbhpani - Tekadi Buffer, and Rukad Buffer.

Adults (13+)
Children (6-12)
Infant (0-5)