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At Pugdundee Safaris we pride ourselves in our holistic approach to wildlife delivered by a multifaceted team of naturalists and resource persons

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In the fast paced world we mistake nature as just a quick refuge from the routine grind of a city life. However, nature is never too far from us be it in the form of a sparrow nesting in the garden or the spring flowers catching your eye on a sunny day. At times, a simple course of spending time in nature can change our perception about nature to great lengths. If the winding way of nature inspires you to enhance knowledge on our magnanimous natural history bestowed upon us we would welcome you to join our experiential learning program.

The programs can be further customized considering the interests of appreciators and enthusiasts who are willing to spend time with our naturalists in any of the prominent jungles of Central India. The programs aim at providing hands on experience, learning by doing under the guidance of our senior naturalists and experts in the fields of avifauna, herpetology, natural history and tracks and signs.

Junior Ranger Program Due to our lifestyle and routine, instilling love for nature and outdoors among children tends to take a back seat. The junior ranger program aims at exposing kids to outdoors and enhancing their knowledge on the small events through simple communication tools and story-telling. The course is flexible regarding the area of study and mainly focuses on conducting on-foot nature trails and cultural trips around the villages. If you are a school or a parent looking at exposing your child to nature and wildlife this is the program that can be done once or many times at various parks. During the course of learning, the kids will mostly be in the company of the inspiring young naturalists.

Special Interest Trips The program focuses on people of all age groups, who have identified their special interest or would like to explore the same by learning- Herpetology, Avifauna, Flora, Ornithology, Butterflies and moths, tracks and signs. The trip would be conducted by the experienced in house naturalist and visiting resource persons, who would take the subject from basics and detailed knowledge about the behavior and conservation of the species.

Wildlife and Tiger Study Program The program provides an opportunity to go behind the scenes and escalate your knowledge on the science of signs and tracking in the Central India forests. After the program the trainee can expect to pick up the cues from the natural surroundings and successfully bring them together to derive correct conclusion about the animal behavior. The program involves extensive field work and participation in research oriented exercise like transect, habitat plots, camera trapping, plaster cast making and much more.

Elephants and Mahouts If you love animals and have always thought of volunteering to take care of them then this program aims at offering you a chance to live the life of a mahout (elephant caretaker) and help understand the behavior and needs of the elephant. The program would involve experiencing animal behavior by living alongside them. The program would enable the trainee to learn the food habits, health signs and also learn the skills of a mahout. The program would be supervised by the chief naturalist and the head of the elephant camp.

Small Overview Naturalist Training Program Pugdundee Safaris is well appreciated for bringing about a brigade of young and trained naturalists to safari experiences. Our naturalists have been rewarded on global platforms and appreciated by the travelers around the world. Being a naturalist is a skillful job of understanding, interpreting as well as addressing the interests of the guests. While having a background in science or biodiversity is an added advantage, it is not a mandate. If you wish to develop the skills of a naturalist and seeking a career as a naturalist, then the naturalist training program will give you the right kind of training and guidance under highly experienced naturalists of the country. The training focuses on expanse of subject including biodiversity, habitat study, specie identification and guest handling.

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Program Highlights

  • Visit the Kipling Country – Home of Mowgli
  • Visit Kanha National Park – provides the only habitat of the Barasingha (Swamp Deer)
  • Feel the joy of being up close to one of nature’s most Spectacular Picturesque
  • Explore different habitats - home to the Tiger, Leopard, Dhole, Sambar Deer, Red Jungle Fowl , Great Racket Tailored Drongo, Asian Paradise Flycatcher and Many More
  • Explore the Jungles of Central India with Experienced Naturalists
  • We can tailor this trip to suit your specific requirements
  • Any aspect of the itinerary can be altered according to the guest Preference
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