Flora and Fauna

Colourful Moths

So many colours around here in the woods and jungles, but these are the special creatures of night that wear strikingly beautiful colours and amazing patterns. Moths come in vibrant as well as pale colours, in many shapes and sizes! They are mostly nocturnal, few families fly in day and some are crepuscular, meaning active… Read More Colourful Moths

Flora and Fauna

Symbiotic Association

I saw this unusual thing (well for me it was unusual as I saw it for the first time) in the backyard of Tree House Hideaway, a luxury jungle resort at Bandhavgarh. It was a caterpillar I was very familiar with. I had seen similar ones around many times, but it looked different this time.… Read More Symbiotic Association

Tiger safari in Bandhavgarh

Truly amongst world’s best!

In your life you come across many people. Some good, some bad, some pleasant, some annoying, some teach you a lesson, some make you learn from them, some with deeds you can never forget and some stay in your heart with memories to last long! Well, we had a wonderful couple at Tree House Hideaway,… Read More Truly amongst world’s best!

Tiger safari in India

Spy eyes!

The trap cameras have been our spy eyes in the jungles of Bandhavgarh. There is a lot of action happening around during day and night as we often explore the property area at Tree House Hideaway. The property being one of the closest to the core zone is a place to come across wild animals.… Read More Spy eyes!

Tiger safari in India

A rare glimpse of Small Indian Civet

A rare glimpse of Small Indian Civet Small Indian Civet cat showed up yesterday night behind the kitchen at Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh. After the guests had dined, it was time to head to the kitchen for Kshitij for the supper. As he entered the backyard of the kitchen, he saw this creature of night… Read More A rare glimpse of Small Indian Civet