Flora and Fauna

Funnel Web Spider

Funnel Web Spider During the nature trails at the jungles of Central India, one will often spot these distinctive webs. These webs are woven by Funnel-web spiders. Funnel-web Spiders belong to the family Agelenidae. They are also known as funnel weavers because they weave funnel-shaped webs, which they use as burrows or to trap their… Read More Funnel Web Spider

Tiger safari in India

The Untamed Jungles of Central India

  The untamed jungles of Central India wear quintessence of wild, When touched by the scintillating sun they bloomed and smiled. Embracing the rumpled hills these jungles stand upright, Their soothing silence becomes cryptic when day adapts the plumage of night. Where the muffling leaves break the solitude of Surrei trees, And the cherished Mahua… Read More The Untamed Jungles of Central India