Flora and Fauna

Birds of Kanha National Park

Birds of Kanha National Park India is a home to more than 1300+ species of birds. Indian avifauna includes large variety of unique and rare species, ranging from very small Tickell’s Flowerpecker (around 8 cm)to the giant like Sarus Crane (height around 1800 cm). It also includes high altitude flyers (from 25,000 feet) to barely… Read More Birds of Kanha National Park

Tiger safari in India

Nature all around!

Nature all around! As the sun lifts the cover of cold fog with its rays from over the jungles of Bandhavgarh, life starts coming back to action. It’s a scene from winters at Tree House Hideaway. Oh yes, winters are chilly here! Even the animals and birds wait patiently for the sun to cheer them… Read More Nature all around!