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Satpura National Park’s Exclusive Sign-Board

While entering the forests of Satpura, have you see an exclusive sign-board that greets you?
The board with the inscription ‘Satpura Tiger Reserve, Madhai’ in Hindi has the painting of a unique mammal on both sides.

Can you guess which one?

Well, it’s the Indian Giant Squirrel (Ratufa indica). In Madhya Pradesh these stunning squirrels are only found in the Satpura region.
Also the state animal of Maharashtra, this squirrel belongs to the species of the largest squirrels and stands out for their three-toned, colour scheme coat — black, rust, tan, reddish maroon, and a creamy beige.

They move from tree to tree jumping upto 20 feet. When in danger, the Ratufa indica often freezes or flattens itself against the tree trunk, instead of fleeing. A wonderful camouflage mechanism indeed! 

A single pair of Indian Giant squirrel builds around 3 to 4 different nests, just to confuse predators. They are frugivorous and eat fruits by hanging on the tree bark. 

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Written by: Mugdha Desai, Edited by: Natasha Sinha

Photo Credits: Harendra Sahu and Mugdha Desai


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