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Rani Kali – Everybody’s favorite!

Nature and Animals inspire all including our team members.

A lovely poem written by Vineeta Yadav at Barahi Jungle Lodge, Chitwan in praise of her favorite elephant


Often, she glares at me
sniff and step back, confirming her disinterest.
At the next minute,
She walks forward, raises her trunk and stands still.
I think we are friends, but it is just for the cameras.
That is Rollicking Rani Kali – everybody’s favorite!

Then I saw her second phase:
With one pull of trunk, she got herself a fan
held it tight and wags it first left then right.
Then she would clean her face with it,
then the toe nails.
Always so particular about her appearance
She takes proper beauty care!

Then I saw her third phase
Everyday she would come and eat-
pluck some branches, hold some canes
One after other, she clears the heap.
But today she is fasting – I guess
We try to feed her some grass and canes
She tricks us by holding it in her mouth
I would worry on her uncanny
to which Raju would say
“ Do not offer her food, today she wants to play
Let’s go to the river- her favorite place!”

She knows it well,
That She is a celebrity
And there are days when she would show that ‘she knows’
At her own wish and will,
She would pose for paparazzi- and seek pleasure in it!
Lift a leg, raise the trunk, caresses her mane
Or just lie down majestically!
It was a normal day today, when we head for an elephant briefing session.

Today, rani-kali was in a very playful mood.

She came and like a normal day picked some sugar canes and popped into her mouth after segregating and breaking them into pieces.

Ranikali has her dining etiquette in place and would always eat one by one without any hurry.

Below is her pictures, as she steals the thunder, like no other day!

Rani Kali

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