Tiger safari in India

Nature all around!

Nature all around!

As the sun lifts the cover of cold fog with its rays from over the jungles of Bandhavgarh, life starts coming back to action. It’s a scene from winters at Tree House Hideaway.

Tree House Hideaway

Oh yes, winters are chilly here! Even the animals and birds wait patiently for the sun to cheer them up again. As the sun rises, they show up on the pathways and tree branches. Look who paid us a visit this morning! A Black Hooded Oriole. A shiny yellow and black bird which is a resident here. It mainly feeds on insects and fruits. It was nicely sitting on a Mahua tree branch near the dining area enjoying the sun.

Black Hooded Oriole

Soon its partner and another pair joined us making calls which were unmistakable. You could spend time easily looking at them with a cup of coffee in your hands. That’s like a winter morning at the one of most Luxurious Resort in Bandhavgarh.

Courtesy : Tejashree Mujumdar

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