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How a Python made a full meal out of the monkey

The Jungle Book says that the python (Kaa) and the monkey community (Bander-log) were never good friends. The python till time has been revenging being called a ‘yellow-worm’ by a faceless monkey! Their small size and lack of horns make them a satisfactory prey for Python.

Just two feet from us in a hollow a monkey, surrendered to the fastened grip of nearly 8 ft python. This was witnessed during a morning jeep safari in Kanha National Park. The claw marks of monkeys dug through the python and his skimp movements gave a feeling that, the python too faced agony. The fight at times exhausts the python that if predated, it can barely defend.

How a Python made a full meal out of the monkey
The battle between the python and the langur. Langur lost, face down

Monkeys are dreaded of snakes, instinctively. They repeat fearful alarm calls on sight of a snake or a leopard. Basically anything that can make a way up to them in their canopied shelter is a threat. Generally a monkey would eye at the approaching threat, give shrieking calls and jump off the tree instead of climbing higher. The rest of the troop follows. A python will seize and strangle monkey in massive coils breaking its bones and suffocating the prey to succumb. The monkeys are endowed with acute vision and hearing. They are agile, alert and thrive upon mutual trust. Being, the mammals of highest order they have the ability to express their fears through better vocals and facial expression. A monkey showing off canines is considered to be in a state of anger.

Snakes on the other side, have highest order of structure. The lack of bones help them slither through the rocks, coil under small surfaces, climb up the trees and swim through the river. It seemed that the monkey had mistakenly entered the swampy area. If there’s a fight between an adept reptile and an agile mammal, may the hungry one win!

It becomes extremely difficult for Python to move once he has devoured the prey, but he also can choose to cough it up if required.

Courtesy : Vineeta Yadav

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