Tiger safari in Bandhavgarh

He is back!

He is back.. but wounded! The famous tiger of Bandhavgarh National Park with blue tinge in his eyes fondly referred to as Blue Eyes has been seen in Magdhi. The tiger was reported missing since the beginning of the season this year (Oct, 2013).

Blue Eyes

A very powerful dominant male throughout his reign, he had captured whole Magdhi area under his territory. The news was that he would have been kicked out of his territory by other dominant male. And with no news of his sighting after the rains, he was said to be no more.  But now he is back to reclaim his former territory. When first spotted by out naturalist Prayatna, he was seen wounded, most probably due to territorial fights with other males. Bandhavgarh now has 4-5 new male tigers who are establishing their territory. Now old and frail, he is still fighting to get back his territory. He was again spotted and clicked by our naturalist Shivraj wearing his injuries.

Wounded Blue Eyes

This is another glimpse of the king from last year clicked by naturalist Aman. He was the ruler of Magdhi zone back then. Healthy, strong and powerful. Aman recollects that Blue Eyes was always an aggressive and a bold tiger. Handsome of course, he wasn’t afraid of vehicles and people too. This is a photo from one of Aman’s best sightings of Blue Eyes.

Blue eyes by Aman


Photo courtesy: Shivraj, Aman

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