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Monday Morning Blues : Beat them the Wildlife Way

Caught up in the Monday Morning Blues? Beat them the wildlife way, in three simple steps.   Exercise – few push-ups are must to have [...]

Best Places to See Tigers in India

An eclectic nation, India is home to 70% of the Tiger Population in the world. The nation is blessed to have the spectacular striped beast a [...]

Make way for Hercules – the Gaur of Central India

Central India is home to all sorts of small and big fascinating creatures. It’s easy to forget that there’s more to its wildlife than el [...]

Greater Racket Tailed Drongo

  These birds often move in mixed flocks with babblers and woodpeckers. They take up prominent perches over these flocks , watching car [...]

Funnel Web Spider

During the nature trails at the jungles of Central India, one will often spot these distinctive webs. These webs are woven by Funnel-web spi [...]

World Sparrow Day

Today is World Sparrow Day, celebrated to raise awareness about the threats faced by Sparrows and other common birds. Most of us have been f [...]

Indian Paradise Flycatcher

This beautiful bird is also a state bird of Madhya Pradesh. This photograph is that of an adult male. Notice the black head with the promine [...]

Flying Happiness – Birding Walk at Pench Tree Lodge

Emily Dickenson, a great American poet of her time once said that, “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches and sings the tune withou [...]

Satpura – The Land of Leaping Leopards

Leapt, ran rapidly and chased the stream, it was my dear Leopard, Perhaps flashed a yellow bolt thought the naïve shepherd! Leopard (Panthe [...]

How a Python made a full meal out of the monkey

The Jungle Book says that the python (Kaa) and the monkey community (Bander-log) were never good friends. The python till time has been reve [...]

Some amazing and interesting facts about Leopards

  Stealthy and elusive, perhaps would be the two most common and appropriate attributes to define this beautiful creature, Leopard (Panther [...]

Caracal: The Covert Cat of Central India

The caracal wild cat (Caracal caracal) is a rare species in India. In Madhya Pradesh it is locally called as Shea-gosh or siyah-gush, The bl [...]
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