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The Little Joys of Jungle

Set your spirit free and let your heart wander into the fathomless wild, Like a nomadic butterfly feel every flower and become that innocent [...]

Poem on Conservation

Let there be colour, let there be green, let there be smiles that last much longer. Let there be praise for nature, let there be love for th [...]

The Untamed Jungles of Central India

The untamed jungles of Central India wear quintessence of wild, When touched by the scintillating sun they bloomed and smiled. Embracing the [...]

The Tiger’s Tale

What’s the price of your crown? Count my stripes What’s the way to your den? Follow my stripes What’s the reason you alive? Blends in [...]

Gleaming Sunsets of the Denwa

Twilight murmured in the ears of the wild, Flickering, she said, ‘I am night’s child.’ Behold my changing shades she said smiling, The [...]
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