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Gond Thali – Local Food of Kanha

By Nitika Kapoor   Brahmkhass Chakri, Kurti Dal, Kikad roti with malta ka sharbat for lunch? I would rather order a Pizza and coke. I h [...]

Reduction of Plastic Bottled Water : A Pugdundee Safaris Initiative

We had shared earlier that 4 of our lodges did away with packaged plastic water bottles from October, 2015. We are delighted to add that our [...]

Rewilding the land : the heart of our set-ups

Getting hotels and resort up on its feet is challenging for both the curators and the nature. Along with a possibility of growth comes the t [...]

Butterfly Garden at Kings Lodge, Bandhavgarh

A flutter here, a flutter there and beautiful colours everywhere! We are happy to share that our budding butterfly garden at Kings Lodge  [...]

Worshiping them to Death – Myths and Truth about Snakes

A woman asked a pundit for some solutions so that her daughter could get married to a handsome and wealthy boy. Her concern was her daughter [...]

Tree Plantation – Van Mahotsav

“He who plants a tree, plants a hope.” Team Pugdundee Safaris, celebrating Van Mahotsav week with tree plantation.     &nb [...]

Bird Feeders in Summers

  One small earthen pot at Pench Tree Lodge’s welcome area sees endless birds visiting to quench their thirst. With the onset of [...]

Community Outreach Programme for Sarahirri Village School Children

Fun Time at Sarahirri village school by Team of Pench Tree Lodge. On the day exam results were to be declared, the team decided to ease the [...]

Earth Hour 2017 in Tree House Hideaway

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement for the planet to shine light on climate action. By turning off non-essential lights for one hour, this i [...]

World Sparrow Day

Today is World Sparrow Day, celebrated to raise awareness about the threats faced by Sparrows and other common birds. Most of us have been f [...]

Bagheshur – The Tiger God of the tribes in Central India

‘Bagheshur’ meaning the Tiger God is revered by tribes in Central India, especially the Baigas. Baigas are primitive forest dwelling tri [...]

Tourism for Conservation

“Edged on our chairs with breath held we are watching what India does for Tiger conservation, will India lose its legendary symbol or get [...]

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