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Satpura – The Land of Leaping Leopards

Satpura Best Place To See Leopards

Satpura Best Place To See Leopards

Leapt, ran rapidly and chased the stream, it was my dear Leopard,

Perhaps flashed a yellow bolt thought the naïve shepherd!

Leopard (Panthera pardus), a nimble-footed creature is known for its strength, agility, swiftness and elegance. This elusive creature is known by different names in the local languages of India. Most commonly known as Baghera and Tendua, it has got another beautiful name called Guldaar. The rose patterned spots on its coat called Rosettes helped the creature to acquire the name Guldaar, which in literal translation means “flower holder”.

A medium sized Felid, Leopard is such a charismatic creature, whose one sight can cease the time and take our breaths away. Satpura National Park, located in Central India, serves as a rich home to this opportunistic being. The park is one of the finest destinations to sight this twinkle-toed, leaping from one place to another.  Satpura is home to diverse flora and fauna ranging from myriads of birds, mammals, butterflies and trees. Although Satpura is also a Tiger Reserve but this park is more popular for Leopards and Sloth Bears apart from its pristine natural beauty and the Denwa river.

Leopard at Satpura National Park

In recent years the Leopard population of Satpura has gone very high, making the sightings quite frequent. A study conducted by WII in 2007 on the ecology of Leopards in Satpura National Park and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary (both parts of Satpura Tiger Reserve) is an evidence of healthy population of Leopards in this area. Leopards are known to be nocturnal animals but the fortunate increase in their population in Satpura has led to frequent sightings in the day time also.

Satpura is a place where these ghosts of the jungle can be sighted more frequently as compared to other parks of Central India. If you wish to steal serene moments and spot the elegant Guldaar, then Satpura is your hideaway.

Courtesy : Malvika Verma | Photo Credits : Jagdeesh Batti

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