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Amazing Bird Behavior

Some really amazing behavior of a pair of Indian Nuthatch bird has been captured in an image by our naturalist photographer Shivraj. Just another morning and he was in his work at Kings Lodge, luxury jungle lodge at Bandhavgarh. He heard a call of a bird, not of a regular one. He picked up his camera and went out in search and that’s when he found this pair on a tree in the campus. He said that the birds were flying turn by turn and returned to a particular spot on the tree. While returning they would carry some insect or something similar in their mouth. One of the pair would wait until the other returned.

Indian Nuthatch

Naturalist Kshitij, a bird and reptile expert explained this behavior in detail. The pair was actually storing food at a particular place in the tree. Both the birds took turns in collecting the food as well as guarding it while the other one was on the search!!!


Hmmm, it was pretty amazing behavior to see and understand!!! Do take a close look at the picture saying the same!


Contributed By :  Tejashree Mujumdar

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