Nagpanchmi – Snakes in India

On the day of Nagpanchmi, I’d like to share some lesser-known facts about snakes in India. With around 290 species of snakes, India is ind [...]

The final Straw

Categorized as a single-use plastic product, straws have become a default addition to drinks in restaurants and hotels. Barring medical and [...]

Fight against Single Use Plastic

Pugdundee Safaris’ fight against Single-Use Plastic Imagine having more plastic in the ocean than fish. This might become a reality by [...]

Gond Thali – Local Food of Kanha

By Nitika Kapoor Local Food in Kanha- Gond Thali Brahmkhass Chakri, Kurti Dal, Kikad roti with malta ka sharbat for lunch? I would rather or [...]

Join our professional naturalist training course

If you are interested in joining the next PRONAT course write to us at PRONAT is a thirty day program that focu [...]

An Idyllic Retreat : Guest Experience at Tree House Hideaway

Unique Places to Stay in Bandhavgarh If I would have ever tried and visualized the image of my idyllic retreat in the forest, I don’t thin [...]

Reduction of Plastic Bottled Water : A Pugdundee Safaris Initiative

Eco Wildlife Resort – Reduction of Plastic Bottled Water We had shared earlier that 4 of our lodges did away with packaged plastic wa [...]

Rewilding the land : the heart of our set-ups

Rewilding the land : the heart of our set-ups Getting hotels and resort up on its feet is challenging for both the curators and the nature. [...]

Sitaphal Rabdi

Local Food in Kanha Madhya Pradesh- Sitaphal Rabdi Rabdi is a popular traditional Indian dessert. Sitaphal or Sharifa, also known as custar [...]

Amla-Gur Chutney Recipe

Local Food in Bandhavgarh- Amla-Gur Chutney ‘Chutney’ or relish is a great accompaniment to Indian meals and snacks and add the extra f [...]

Butterfly Garden at Kings Lodge, Bandhavgarh

Butterfly in Bandhavgarh A flutter here, a flutter there and beautiful colours everywhere! We are happy to share that our budding butterfly [...]

Amla Sherbet Recipe -Best Place to Eat in Bandhavgarh

Best Place to Eat in Bandhavgarh Sharbat or sherbet is a popular West and South Asian drink prepared from fruits or flower petals. It is swe [...]

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