Mahua Cake Recipe

As we gear up for the holiday season our chef shares his favourite recipe which is sure to bring holiday cheer. Mahua can easily be called a [...]

Travel Guide to Pench National Park – The Land of Mowgli

  Forests are endowed with inexplicable beauty and enriched with flora and fauna. This natural beauty perpetuates in panoramic Pench, a [...]

Makai ki Khees / Grated Corn Snack Recipe

Corn also known as ‘makai’ or ‘bhutta’ is one of the staple crops of Madhya Pradesh and is often used in the traditional cuisine. Ma [...]

Satpura – The Land of Leaping Leopards

Leapt, ran rapidly and chased the stream, it was my dear Leopard, Perhaps flashed a yellow bolt thought the naïve shepherd! Leopard (Panthe [...]

Saunfiya Mahua Recipe

Mahua is the most popular tree in Central India owing to its many uses. The flower is dried and used for making liquor by tribes. The flower [...]

Bagheshur – The Tiger God of the tribes in Central India

‘Bagheshur’ meaning the Tiger God is revered by tribes in Central India, especially the Baigas. Baigas are primitive forest dwelling tri [...]

Poem on Conservation

Let there be colour, let there be green, let there be smiles that last much longer. Let there be praise for nature, let there be love for th [...]

Lapsi or Broken Wheat Pudding Recipe

Lapsi is a pudding/halwa popular in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. It’s a simple, sweet dish made from broken wheat [...]

Joy of Sharing

Tree Houses generate a lot of curiosity and awe, especially for children. This Children’s Day, we invited the children from neighbouring s [...]

Wildlife week with the village school children at Satpura Tiger Reserve

What better way to celebrate the Wildlife week than with the village school children at the edge of Satpura Tiger Reserve. Our team at Denwa [...]

How a Python made a full meal out of the monkey

The Jungle Book says that the python (Kaa) and the monkey community (Bander-log) were never good friends. The python till time has been reve [...]

The Untamed Jungles of Central India

The untamed jungles of Central India wear quintessence of wild, When touched by the scintillating sun they bloomed and smiled. Embracing the [...]
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