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The Little Joys of Jungle

Set your spirit free and let your heart wander into the fathomless wild, Like a nomadic butterfly feel every flower and become that innocent [...]

Poem on Conservation

  Let there be colour, let there be green, let there be smiles that last much longer. Let there be praise for nature, let there be love [...]

The Untamed Jungles of Central India

  The untamed jungles of Central India wear quintessence of wild, When touched by the scintillating sun they bloomed and smiled. Embrac [...]

The Tiger’s Tale

    What’s the price of your crown? Count my stripes What’s the way to your den? Follow my stripes What’s the reason you ali [...]

Gleaming Sunsets of the Denwa

Twilight murmured in the ears of the wild, Flickering, she said, ‘I am night’s child.’ Behold my changing shades she said smiling, The [...]

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