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Tesu Ke Phool – Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are an integral part of many regional cuisines. From the kitchens of Pugdundee, we bring you a dish that can be made from the [...]

Tomato Salad with Roasted Garlic Recipe

With the summers approaching, our chef has tossed together a variety of cold salads for every taste. These recipes are easy to make, healthy [...]

How to make Pumpkin Flower Pakoras ?

Edible flowers are part of many regional cuisines, one such flower is that of Pumpkin plant. Pumpkin plant has separate male and female flow [...]

Beetroot Halwa Recipe

Halwa is a popular Indian dessert and is an instant favourite during cold winter months and for festive occasions. It is an aromatic pudding [...]

Mahua Cake Recipe

As we gear up for the holiday season our chef shares his favourite recipe which is sure to bring holiday cheer. Mahua can easily be called a [...]

Makai ki Khees / Grated Corn Snack Recipe

Corn also known as ‘makai’ or ‘bhutta’ is one of the staple crops of Madhya Pradesh and is often used in the traditional cuisine. Ma [...]

Saunfiya Mahua Recipe

Mahua is the most popular tree in Central India owing to its many uses. The flower is dried and used for making liquor by tribes. The flower [...]

Lapsi or Broken Wheat Pudding Recipe

Lapsi is a pudding/halwa popular in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. It’s a simple, sweet dish made from broken wheat [...]
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