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PUGDUNDEE SAFARIS Luxury Indian Safari and Jungle Lodge Specialists Have you ever walked on a Pugdundee? In Hindi, Pugdundee means a foot trail used by animals and humans and refers to the narrow, beaten paths that wind through the Indian jungles. Pugdundee Safaris' roots are in central India where we made a humble start in 1986 with a small camp in Panna. Today, we own and manage 6 exclusive safari lodges set in the breathtaking wilderness of 5 tiger reserves: Panna, Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench and Satpura. Pugdundee Safaris is recognized as one of India's leading responsible safari companies. Between 2010 and 2012, we have been awarded for our excellence in eco-tourism, our commitment to green architecture, our experienced naturalists and our pioneering mobile safari initiative. We believe that responsible tourism and wildlife conservation go hand-in-hand. Thus, we passionately promote responsible travel, adopt sustainable practices and facilitate local involvement in conservation by empowering the communities that surround our lodges. Our dedicated team of 150 (many of whom belong to nearby villages), provide a truly authentic Indian wildlife experience. At Pugdundee, our every endeavour is driven by our deep love for India's forests and our passion for its wildlife. And we attempt to nurture in each of our guests, this same enduring love for India's wild spaces. So come, walk on a pugdundee with us.

Dal Bafla : The Unique Dish from Central India.

From the heart of Central India, in Madhya Pradesh we bring to you an exquisite dish called Daal Bafla. A dish that shares a close kinship w [...]

10 Steps You Can Take to Conserve Wildlife: World Wildlife Day 2019

The earth has a population of seven and a half billion. If every single individual committed to make a difference, however small; to preserv [...]


“No winter lasts forever; No spring skips its turn.” – Hal Borland Winter evokes distinctive images in our minds eye. The wispy gl [...]


The natural world revolves on the “Survival of the Fittest”; a theory based on the roles played by the predator and the prey. Nature and [...]

A Burst of color and oozing flavours: Beetroot sabzi at our lodges

Beetroot, the sweet, earthy, rustic, charming, crunchy root vegetable is enjoying a well-deserved comeback on our plates, all due credits to [...]

Farm dinner experience

Farm-to-Table Dinner Experience I have always been fascinated by the tales of Mowgli and enjoyed listening to the adventures of his life . I [...]

Nagpanchmi – Snakes in India

On the day of Nagpanchmi, I’d like to share some lesser-known facts about snakes in India. With around 290 species of snakes, India is ind [...]

The final Straw

Categorized as a single-use plastic product, straws have become a default addition to drinks in restaurants and hotels. Barring medical and [...]

Fight against Single Use Plastic

Pugdundee Safaris’ fight against Single-Use Plastic Imagine having more plastic in the ocean than fish. This might become a reality by [...]

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